About Me

mickelbizsigMy name is Mickel Paris, and I live in Stockton, CA, but am originally from Hesperia, CA which is a small city in the Mojave high desert. After graduating from UC Davis with a BS in Psychology, I eventually returned to Southern California to be near family.

In my free time, I read novels, non-fiction, and I also write fiction. My favorite author right now is Dean Koontz, probably since his writing is in a genre I’d like to write in. I’m a graduate of the correspondence course at Long Ridge Writers Group, which has developed my writing skills, skills that will hopefully see me in print!

This summer, I completed the MLIS program at San Jose State University. During the course of my program, I collaborated with Professor Michael Stephens for this independent SJSU Special Studies 298 project, titled “Library Currents.” In this endeavor, I researched the concept for a new blog, implemented it, and populated it with content. The main concept, or tagline, is “Libraries and Social Media Technologies.” This idea for a blog has been building since I completed Michael Stephens’ graduate course “The Hyperlinked Library,” which is now a worldwide MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) sponsored through SJSU. The course is an excellent primer for how social media and technology can improve library service while augmenting librarian competencies.

Petey Gonzalez

Petey Gonzalez

Some more tidbits about myself:

  • My little buddy is a Chihuahua named Petey Gonzalez. He has such an overbite that his little tongue sticks out!
  • I just moved to Stockton, CA to take a position as Health Sciences Librarian at University of the Pacific!
  • I will be on the team to create an academic library from scratch!

If you wish to contact me, feel free to email me at librarycurrents1@aol.com and I will respond. Thank you!