Students can be the Teachers and Flip Learning in this Amazing Learning Management System

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I just got the chills.

It’s very rare that an online tool is so useful that I have to write about it the minute I see it. But Versal is definitely one of them, and can change how libraries use online learning systems to save time in library instruction.

Keeping students engaged in learning is one thing. But to allow them the opportunity to learn, communicate, share and create in one space is the holy grail of student-centered education. Versal allows these things and more. Want to assess each student in real time without having to print out copies of a form or pass them out? Done. Want to invite another librarian to collaborate on the same unit of instruction without meeting in person? Yep. How about implementing a course or program across an organization as easily as creating one for your own unit of instruction? You betcha.

Not only does it do all the normal things you would want or expect in a course management system, but users can become developers and create new gadgets for their courses, or allow other Versal users to add the same gadgets to their instruction. Versal is the WordPress of course management, where gadgets are like plugins that can be developed, updated and improved. Wouldn’t it be be neat to create library-themes gadgets for Versal?

The licenses are also fairly inexpensive. At this time it is $5/mo. for the Pro plan and $100/mo. for organizations. The Pro plan would be great for testing, if only to get the feet wet.

Did I mention that you can actually embed your Versal course in your WordPress site? Yes, you can even do that!

Check out the Versal course on learning the piano. Nice.



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