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What is Library Currents about? Michael Stephens sent me his research papers published in Library Technology Reports, which explained the nuts and bolts of blogs, RSS, IM, Wikis, Flickr,MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Video Blogging, podcasting and more. I created this infographic to remind me of these tools, and added concepts like collaboration and conversation to the mix, because that’s really what all this technology is about. People. Connections. And sharing. Stuff libraries can do better, if using the tools wisely.

Infographics like these can be created for free using and other online sites. They are excellent images for blogs, and can be viral marketing tools. You have full control about the words you want to use, the color scheme, fonts, word cloud shape, and much more!

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Mickel is an MLIS and the creator of Library Currents. His inspiration for the blog was the SJSU course "The Hyperlinked Library" taught by Dr. Michael Stephens, a course that is also a worldwide MOOC. If you wish to contact him, feel free to write to Mickel Paris at

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